Maxi 20The maxi series of treatment plants are an upscaled version of the standard 10 ep system. They have been engineer designed to handle larger volumes of waste water.

The Maxi series uses the same proven Econocycle process as all of our advanced secondary systems so you can be assured of reliable and consistant performance, giving you a safe and constant source of reusable water for irrigation.

The range includes;

Maxi 15 15 person system
Maxi 20 20 person system
Maxi 25 25 person system
Maxi 35 35 person system
Maxi 45 45 person system

The Maxi range is suitable for sites where larger waste water loads are expected and can be tailored to suit most situations. These systems vary in configuration from two tanks to four tanks in the larger size.

pdfDownload Maxi Series Drawings

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