Waste Treatment Tank Or SepticThese days everything moves faster. Regardless of the industry, there are always going to be new and innovative advancements in their technology. You may not realise just how sophisticated and scientific the wastewater treatment systems of today are.

Thankfully, you just see the end result when clean, recycled water automatically pumps through your lush garden. Using recycled water to flush your toilet, wash laundry or wash your car requires no additional attention; however, there is a lot going on behind the scenes in septic tank systems.


wastewater treatment garden domestic commercialBusinesses are high consumers of water on a daily basis. If your commercial property has a garden, it will need water; you need a flushing toilet and taps for yourself and your staff; if you operate a restaurant, you need a dishwasher and sinks. The list goes on as Australians waste thousands of litres of water per day. Even if you are water smart and enforce these values across your workplace, massive amounts of water still go to waste if you do not have a wastewater treatment solution in place.


This article breaks down the importance of wastewater treatment for your facility and how econocycle offers a range of water treatment systems for domestic and commercial.

Sewage Treatment Plant Farming AgriculturalRural Australians know the value of water better than anyone. The whims of Mother Nature can make or break many regional areas, impacting businesses and lives dramatically. Whether there is too much or too little rain, it is typically those in rural areas that feel these impacts with the greatest force.

Conserving this resource and making it work for you is the best way to maintain a level of control over nature and your livelihood.


Water Recycle SymbolRecycling used water is often seen as an environmentally-friendly decision. For many Australians, this is not a compelling enough reason to invest their money into a wastewater treatment system. Today, we’re taking a look at all of the reasons to consider water recycling.


septic tanks for domestic wastewater treatment

There has been a substantial surge in interest regarding water conservation and eco-conscious solutions. More Australians are seeing the importance of wastewater treatment systems for their homes and commercial properties. In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of water treatment systems and the many, modern options available.


Econocycle below ground tanks 026This site was of particular significance. It was a small commercial system that was installed very close to a water supply, as seen in the background.


Econocycle Maxi system was chosen because of its exceptional and consistant performance.

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25082009146This system is a Maxi 25 , one of our commercial treatment plants.

This maxi 25 was installed at the DSE works depot in Orbost. The Maxi was chosen over other plant because of its guaranteed performance in a relatively sensitive area. The plant was commissioned and serviced by Waterworks plumbing from Bairnsdale.

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loch primary school03Loch primary school have been a lucky recipient of a new learning studio and project space as part of the governments Building Education Revolution grants. Included in the new facilities was an upgrade to their waste water management system.

The team from Phillip Island plumbing proudly supplied and installed an Econocycle waste water treatment plant that will provide the school with high quality irrigation water and a safe environmentally responsible way of dealing with their waste water.

For more info or a quote on your waste water needs contact Phillip island plumbing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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